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We are built upon a foundation of long term value creation

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We are a Global Investment Firm focused exclusively on the Private Sector in the Emerging Markets of Africa. We are a provider of Capital, Innovative Thinking and Long-Term Partnerships that can help the Private Sector Build Sustainable Businesses, Create Opportunities, End Extreme Poverty and Boost Shared Prosperity.

Growth and Buyout Opportunities

Businesses need to stay competitive in order to grow. There are many growth opportunities worth exploring including buyout and collaboration with other organizations.

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Invests in Real Estate requirements of Operators and Executes Strategic Ventures to Address Gaps

We are committed to transforming African businesses into global champions who can compete on the international stage.

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The ThinkBig Africa Group has pioneered the Value-Added Approach to make investments in the growth markets of Africa and Accelerate Economic Growth.

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The ThinkBig Africa Group

A Firm with a Deeper Purpose and Strong Convictions

From our founding, we have held to the conviction of long-term value creation. Building great businesses in emerging markets across Africa and maximizing their financial potential, while scaling their social and environmental impact is our firm’s deeper purpose.

    Building significantly new and self-sustaining companies and helping people live more prosperous lives is not just something we do-it is an expression of who we are.
    ThinkBig Africa’s Vision is to see a more prosperous world.We work to generate and allocate the capital and ideas to invest in Growth Markets that can transform the African society, thereby creating a competitive edge for the African people in the political and socio-economic affairs of the globe.

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ThinkBig Africa Summit

An annual event that brings together some 1,500 representing heads of states and governments…

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A Message from our Founder

“We have always considered sustainability to be a business driver that ultimately builds stronger, more sustainable, and profitable businesses.”

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Business Roundtable

Our Business Roundtable identifies issues early, employs careful research and understands the problems faced by governments as well as businesses.

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Do you have a question for us? Please send it online. We will respond to you as quickly as we can.