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A Message from Our Founder

Julius Murinzi
Julius Murinzi
Founder and Group Chief Executive

Welcome to The ThinkBig Africa Group where we represent an audacious vision for Africa’s overall economic and social renewal. The next chapter for Africa requires us to look both at the tremendous opportunities for economic growth, and the challenges the continent faces in being able to tap into this growth. Social entrepreneurs and their innovations promoting inclusive economic growth are critical to unleashing Africa’s great potential and the work we do at the Firm.

The ThinkBig Africa Group is the largest international development institution focused exclusively on the private sector. With unparalleled immediacy and originality, we help African economies achieve sustainable growth by identifying compelling opportunities in each of our markets: Health Care, Education, Real Estate, and Consumer sectors across Africa. We focus on identifying, growing and building great businesses.

Our journey has been one of Innovation and Entrepreneurial drive. We are leveraging our capital, expertise and influence to help the private sector end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity.

By creating long-term partnerships, building long-term collaboration and generating long-term sustainable value we create a true legacy for our partners.

Supporting and empowering like-minded business champions and helping them grow allows us to build sustainable, industry-defining companies. With deep-sector experience, and by working closely with our partner companies, our team drives value-creation programs that lead to long-term, sustainable growth, creating a culture of operational excellence improve the things we believe matter most such as health and education.

Africa, with its one billion mostly young people, has enormous potential, and unleashing this immense potential will be crucial if Africa is to take its rightful place among the community of nations. At the Firm, we are mindful at all times of the enormous contribution that young people can make to the development of their societies. We believe that failure to harness into this untapped potential could lead to the generational cycle of instability, underdevelopment, and inequity.

Unlocking the value of businesses in growth markets in Africa will play a central role in promoting development across the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We strongly believe that the healthcare, education and consumer sectors will drive human capital, innovation and transformational opportunities for today’s youth across Africa.

Recognized in the industry for our innovative approach to investments as well as deep experience in the healthcare, education, real estate and consumer sectors, we are committed to transforming businesses into global champions who can compete on the international stage.

Our commitment to sustainability is as unwavering as the day ThinkBig Africa was founded. At ThinkBig Africa, we have always considered sustainability to be a business driver that ultimately builds stronger, more sustainable, and profitable businesses.

At ThinkBig Africa, we rightly recognize the primacy of responsibility for Africa’s development on Africans themselves, with the international community providing complementary support. We envisage a new effective partnership between the African people and their governments on one hand, and a better partnership between Africa and the international community, on the other.

With the interests of all stakeholders at the top of our agenda, we are making all efforts to advance sustainable growth and development to unleash Africa’s great potential.

Excelling Ambitions Collaboratively!

Thank you.

Julius Murinzi's signature

Julius Murinzi.
Founder and Group Chief Executive