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Business Roundtable

The ThinkBig Africa Business Roundtable is a forum of Africa’s chief executive officers who come from a broad range of business sectors, including health care, education construction, aviation, technology, tourism, food and beverage, energy, engineering and construction, and financial services. These companies are driving Africa’s economies forward and are alert to the global issues that most affect their specific industry sector.

In working with policymakers to help promote economic and job growth in Africa, the ThinkBig Africa Business Roundtable helps to inform policy rationale through research. Business Roundtable was established in 2013, founded on the belief that in a pluralistic society, businesses should play an active and effective role in the formation of public policy.

Uniting and amplifying the diverse business perspectives and voices of Africa’s top CEOs, the ThinkBig Africa Business Roundtable innovates and advocates to help expand economic opportunity for all Africans.

The ThinkBig Africa Business Roundtable’s effectiveness is rooted in the direct, personal participation of its CEO members, who present government with reasoned alternatives and positive policy suggestions.

The ThinkBig Africa Business Roundtable identifies issues early, employs careful research and understands the problems faced by governments as well as businesses.