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Global Investment FirmPartner of Choice

Collaborative Investment

The ThinkBig Africa Group is a strategic healthcare, education, real Estate and consumer-focused investment firm. We will be a new kind of company that invests in the growth markets of Africa, in things that we believe matter most.

Capital, Expertise and Passion

We are your global investment partner of choice in health, education, real estate and consumer sectors. The ThinkBig Africa Group will work towards a smarter, healthier society and a more successful one. We work with like-minded business champions, providing long-term partnerships, building long-term collaboration, and generating long-term sustainable value.

ThinkBig Africa has three Investment Verticals. We have a unique, complementary, and focused business model, whereby it invests in:

  1. Growth and Buyout opportunities
  2. Real estate requirements of operators and executes strategic ventures to address gaps
  3. Our innovative approach to investments

We are committed to transforming African businesses into global champions who can compete on the international stage. We strongly believe the health care, education, real estate, and consumer sectors will drive human capital, innovation and transformational opportunities for today’s youths across Africa.