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Our healthcare portfolio brings together established, value-based healthcare delivery systems across Africa with a solid physician infrastructure, together with a proven team of healthcare support and operations staff.

At ThinkBig Africa, we are interested in market leaders in Africa who are driven by their vision to be respected internationally for their best in class practices and the preferred providers locally.

The reason for our investment is to enable these hospitals to strategically consolidate and focus their resources on their core market segments, which includes acute care hospitals that provide specialized tertiary care and multidisciplinary ambulatory care centers.

We are focused on building sustainable, industry-defining companies in impactful sectors of healthcare, education and consumer sectors across Africa. In doing so, ThinkBig Africa is committed to delivering impact and change through its investments, service delivery, and through its job creation.

At the heart of the ThinkBig Africa’s strategy is the intentional focus on impact as a core to our outcomes. By focusing on the delivery of cost-effective healthcare in Africa, we aim to promote quality healthcare for the people of Africa while generating superior returns for our investors.

This investment in value-based healthcare will help meet the ever-increasing demand for quality healthcare on the continent.

The formula of targeted, smaller healthcare centers/clinics in strategic locations will allow ThinkBig Africa’s platform to provide affordable and quality health care, accessible to a broader population, including lower-income patients and those living in under-served areas.

The African value healthcare sector has been in our sights for years, and we remain determined finding high-quality partner companies.

In this sector alone, our assets will immediately stand out due to our inherent focus on high-quality healthcare services, a strategic expansion plan to address an under-served and fragmented market, and a very capable clinical and administrative team that can successfully execute our plan.

The African healthcare market is estimated at $ 35 billion and by 2022, some $25bn-$30bn would be needed in investment in physical healthcare assets alone, including hospitals and clinics.

Our medical centers/clinics always will be located in areas with a captive patient population and high footfalls. They, therefore, will serve as a one-stop shop with diverse specializations and revenue streams across outpatient, pharmacy, radiology, and laboratory services.

Our core purpose is to enhance the quality of life of our patients by providing comprehensive, high-quality healthcare services. We do this in such a way that the group is trusted as the most respected provider of healthcare services by patients, doctors and funders of healthcare in each of its markets.

ThinkBig Africa brings to the table our know-how in building businesses that meet the dual objectives of social impact and profitability. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the healthcare sector in the African region.

In addition to strengthening local capital markets in Africa, ThinkBig Africa is focused on boosting financing in infrastructure and logistics, promoting financial inclusion, helping create conditions to attract increased private capital and helping structure public-private partnerships.