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Our Approach 

Focused investments

The ThinkBig Africa Group invests in the robust, high-growth health care, education, real estate and consumer sectors in Africa. Our Firm combines the benefits of an impressive operating track record, leadership from established industry captains, and the agile and entrepreneurial nature of a decisive management team, with each individual carrying decades of management and investment experience behind them.

Our passionate team maximizes value by focusing on core specialty sectors with strong fundamentals, leveraging the Firm’s network to uncover the most attractive investment opportunities, and sourcing innovative and differentiated opportunities.

We’re just as committed to managing risk, using capital allocation limits and ensuring diversification across industry sectors, as well as participation across geographies. We understand that placing an emphasis on free cash flow and per-share value creation is vital to ensuring repeatable success.


Forming strategic partnerships is central to the Group’s work. Through community programs we have partnered with government bodies, International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, civil society agencies, business Corporations, youth-focused organizations, research and academic institutions, as well as private philanthropists who strongly share the Foundation’s commitment to addressing critical challenges that have derailed the African continent: poverty, development and Africa’s marginalization internationally.


It is imperative that gains are shared with all stakeholders in the ecosystems in which we operate across Africa. This enables a transparent business environment and – as a direct result – the creation of trust with both partners and the community through openness and ethical business practices. All our strategic partners believe in the power of multi-stakeholder interaction to drive positive change and work closely with the Group to help direct the impact of our initiatives. All these partnerships are essential to solving critical social problems in Africa.

They provide input to the Group’s policies at national, regional, continental and global levels, ensuring that the beneficiaries of our projects derive the greatest possible development impact.

At The ThinkBig Africa Group, we build and maintain partnerships to strengthen communities. We strive to build meaningful collaborations and partnerships that are good for the African people and their posterity in alignment with our VISION.

We start with people getting involved and using the tools and the right information we give them to make an impact. By doing so, we are helping to demonstrate that community outreach programs which are developed and managed by a community for a community make a striking impact.

Our Strategic Partners make a tangible impact on issues affecting the African continent and society by contributing to better policy-making, informing business decisions, sharing best practices, and engaging stakeholders beyond viable objectives.