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ThinkBig Community Progress Makers

The ThinkBig Africa Group has launched the ThinkBig Community Progress Makers initiative at Harvard Kennedy School of Government with a vision of empowering community leaders to grow their transformative impact through unrestricted, trust-based funding.

The ThinkBig Community Progress Makers is a USD 10 million, two-year initiative by the ThinkBig Africa Group to support high-impact community visionary organizations that are driving economic opportunities across Africa. These change agents are addressing a range of community challenges in Africa, from economic development and affordable housing to environmental sustainability; financial health and wellness; workforce readiness, and high-quality jobs. Furthermore, alongside our core operating grant support and related projects, ThinkBig Community Progress Makers collaborates with industry-leading experts for technical support and remains a part of a learning cohort that shares exceptional practices.

First launched in 2022, ThinkBig Community Progress Makers Fund builds upon ThinkBig Africa’s commitment to supporting local solutions and organizations that are helping build stronger, more resilient communities that catalyze economic opportunity for all their residents.

The ThinkBig Africa Group will provide a supportive community network through which these organizations can connect, which enables them to learn from each other, share best practices and strengthen their roles as social change agents. As part of the initiative, The ThinkBig Africa Group is engaging its global partners to offer technical support to the cohort. This helps them check their impact and keep track of their progress.


“The ThinkBig Progress Makers initiative/approach continually strives to enhance the lives of individuals residing in low-income African communities, all while starting and promoting economic progress and development. We are committed to investing in projects and efforts that improve financial inclusion, catalyze and distribute career opportunities for the youth, and develop strategies for building and nurturing economically vibrant communities. The ThinkBig Africa Group’s “more than an investment firm” approach deploys and emulates the high-standard expertise of the Group and its people to make our mission a reality and promote thought leadership and innovation.”


Murinzi Julius A
Founder and Group Chief Executive