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Our Firm

Our Markets

We focus on growth markets characterized by consumption-driven economies, pro-business policies, rapid urbanization, favorable demographics, and growing consumer classes. Our target markets are ultimately select cities within Africa where economic activity, consumption and entrepreneurial talent are concentrated.

Our Strategy

We invest in emerging consumers and the fast-growing cities where they live. While we target markets with compelling fundamental drivers at the macro level, our core view is that strong returns are generated by the ability to find, build, and exit exceptional companies and assets.

Our mid-market private equity strategies focus on consumer-facing businesses capitalizing on increasing disposable income, lifestyle changes and supply-demand gaps. Our other lines of business focus on addressing the needs of consumers and businesses in growing cities in critical areas, such as consumer and real estate, as well as health care and education with the intention of achieving strong economic returns and delivering positive social impact.

Our aspirations are global. We recognize that for the world to develop, Africa needs to develop as well. This is because the development of the African continent would provide the rest of the world with a potential resource of about a billion people who, if empowered with social, economic and political reforms, would act as a potential market for the rest of the developing and developed world.

We are therefore not wrong to say that the development of the world in the 21st-century might squarely depend on the development of Africa and how this enormous population is empowered to facilitate the takeoff of global growth.

Why we Empower the African youth:

We are inspired by Entrepreneurial youth heroes and heroines, who have had a tremendous impact on their communities and people through their determination to succeed and innovation focus, and are able to share their stories with the rest of the region, creating much-needed regional role models for aspiring entrepreneurs, who can put the spirit of enterprise into a familiar geographical and cultural context.

Our Values

Excellence and Elegance

At the ThinkBig Africa Group, we have a long legacy and deep culture of excellence in investing. Creativity, passion and a relentless focus on results target exceptional returns, while maintaining a sense of refinement in all that we do. We seek to be the best we can be, both in terms of what we do and who we are, knowing that our character will determine our success at work and in life.

The creation of value starts with the right ideas, and requires implementation with discipline and alacrity. Our investment performance is driven by alchemy of entrepreneurship, hard work, patience and the commitment to invest boldly on the basis of our convictions not our fears.

Ultimately, the markets hold us all accountable, for performance is measured on the basis of real outcomes, not merely clever arguments, efforts or intentions.

Servant Leadership
Leadership is service. Everyone At the ThinkBig Africa Group is a leader, responsible for their unique contribution toward the success of each other and the Mission. We do not have a “star” culture, but together the team forms a constellation of talent that depends on each other for our mutual success and the legacy we are building together.

By taking responsibility for our actions, we maintain a sense of humility and seek to build trust. We share credit when we meet with success and support each other when challenges arise.

Integrity and Trust
Integrity and trust are the foundations of vibrant markets, successful companies and healthy relationships, and is therefore core to our business. At the Think BigAfrica Group,we have the courage to speak the truth in a constructive manner and aspire to embody the highest standards of ethics, both at work and in our personal lives.

At ThinkBig Africa, we all share the zeal to see Africa grow into a fully self-supporting entity, free from the bondage of neo-colonialism and all forms of imperialism. Our focus is on improving the knowledge base of the African people on how to live to their fullest, and contribute to the development of their individual countries, with the love of a developed and self-sustaining Africa at heart.

We believe in a society that is dependent on its own self, a society whose development is sustainable, and whose products can be consumed first by its own. We believe that economic progress and good governance in Africa emerge from innovation and entrepreneurship that empowers ordinary citizens. It is only when the citizenry is economically empowered that issues of good governance can be improved and sustained. A poor citizenry has no place in the democratic process in any society as it only takes whatever is handed down from the affluent members of society.

We are advocates for trade, industry and enterprise as opposed to aid and handouts from the developed nations of the world. We believe where trade and entrepreneurship exists, meaningful partnerships between the west and Africa can be created. This is the back upon which the ThinkBig Africa was founded.