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Real Estate

A growing consumer middle-class, powered by rapid urbanization and shifting demographic trends, is driving both property demand and growth opportunities in the real estate industry across Africa.

Africa is moving to the City. No part of the planet is urbanizing faster than Sub-Saharan Africa. The continent’s population of roughly 1.1 billion is expected to double by 2050.More than 80% of that growth will occur in cities.

As Africa grows, it will require improved properties and large-scale developments that can be used by productive businesses and meet increasing consumer demand.

In our markets, demand for high-quality retail, office and residential space continue to outstrip supply. We are looking to increase our exposure across markets in Africa, and for opportunities to establish a strong retail foothold in cities where little or no formal retail existed.

Commercial real estate assets we target for investment include top-quality office space, retail and industrial or logistics properties in Africa’s largest and fastest growing economies.

We are seeing the growth potential of Africa, spurred by rising consumer spending of Africa’s developing middle class. Economic growth and ongoing investments in infrastructure are opening up previously inaccessible markets. At ThinkBig Africa, we have an opportunity to create true value not only for our investors but also for the communities in which we invest.